Sunday, January 25, 2009


Now that we are settled into winter. ( Yes we even had a coldspell here in Florida), hearty meals are often craved. I love to make stews, chili's and casseroles this time of year. Especially when I lived up north. I made this beef stew with a cheap cut of beef, cut and cubed. I cooked the meat first and subsequently adding the veggies in order of the time it takes to cook. Potatoes and carrots take about the same time to cook. Add the veggies when the meat starts to become tender. After you add the veggies, make the gravy by dissolving a little flour in water and add to your stew. If more veggies is what you like then go for it. Be sure and season it to your liking, serve with a green salad and dinner rolls and you've got dinner and leftovers. Enjoy!


Destress Yourself said...

Oh my goodness that looks delicious. I live in California at high elevations and it is around 30 degrees today and we love to have pea soup, veggie soup, and any other I conjure up. I must say, I will have to make a stew now that you mention it.

Great picture of your creation.


De-Stress with Cooking, Knitting and Crochet said...


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