Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Road Trip

It's July and time to embark on our summer road trip. It is a great way for us to bond and spend time together. Erica, my oldest came along for the trip. We were traveling to Michigan for Fourth of July gatherings on both sides of the family and to bring my mom home with us. She has taken care of us related or not and now she needs help and it's our pleasure to give it to her. My favorite part of the trip it being on the road, stopping with other families in mini vans, care and trucks with their cargo bags filled to the rim with kids, pillows, coolers, dvd players strapped to headrests and all the other stuff that we take to embark on a long trip. I sure hope that our children carry this wonderful tradition into their lives. We stopped half way there and got a couple hotel rooms and recharged. All in all, the trip was great. We had mini family reunions and great food. Great trip

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